Corrections Commission of Southeastern Ohio

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Title: Corrections Officer

Starting Pay Rate: $12.78


JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: Under the general supervision of the Warden, Deputy Warden, or Lieutenant and direct guidance of the Shift Commander; performs a variety of functions, to ensure care, custody and control inmates, jail structure, and all others therein and, other duties as may be required. Employee may be subject to serious physical violence during everyday job duties. Excellent attendance is required for this position.


QUALIFICATIONS: Completion of secondary education preferred, 136 hours of OPOTA approved correctional officer training (COT); ability to understand written and/or oral instructions; communicates effectively through speech and writing, experienced in computers especially word processing, record keeping, no felony convictions. (COT certification must be obtained within one year of hire, exceptions may be made during extenuating circumstances.)


ILLUSTRATIVE DUTIES: Duties below are intended to depict tasks of this classification.

40% (1) Monitors behavior of SEORJ inmates, conducts security inspections of the facility to ensure inmates are accounted for and are observing rules and regulations of the facility; monitors inmate activities, e.g., recreations, programming, visitation and/or all other movement within and on the grounds. Intervenes and physically restrains hostile inmates during verbal or physical fights and/or arguments.


18% (2) Books individuals arrested and detained, e.g., takes fingerprints, photographs suspects, ensures individual’s access to telephone, performs strip search/observation of individuals, etc. Releases individuals from Jail e.g., returns personal property, completes required paperwork and computer entries.


12% (3) Dispenses food, medication, mail, commissary items, clean linen and personal items. Accounts for eating utensils after completion of meals.


15% (4) Prepares and maintains records and reports and other related documentation e.g., incident reports, jail cards, log reports, records of physicians, dentists, attorneys, clergy visits, court documentation, request forms, etc.


10% (5) Receives and answers request forms regarding inmates e.g., family members, attorneys, physicians, visitation of inmates by friends, registers visitors, escorts inmates to and from areas.


5% (6) Any other duty assigned.

Comment 1:

“The final applicant selected for this position will be required to submit to urinalysis immediately after appointment to test for illegal drug use. The jail will decline to extend a final offer of employment to any applicant with a verified positive test result. Also, an applicant with a positive test result will not be considered for any position with the jail for a period of two years. Any employee, testing positive for illegal drug use during random screening while employed with the jail will be terminated.''

KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:  Necessary to perform duties.

(1)Knowledge of (a) regulations governing County Jail operations and rights of prisoners;

(b) safety practices and procedures; (c) jail  policies and procedures; Ability to; (d) communicate effectively; (e) exercise sound judgment under possible stressful dangerous circumstances; (f) develop and maintain effective working relationship with associates, inmates, general public and elected officials.


(2) Knowledge of (a); (b); (g): proper use of fingerprinting equipment; (h); proper use of photographic equipment; Ability to (d); (e); (f); (i); prepare and maintain accurate computer and written documentation.


(3) Knowledge of (a); (b); (c); Ability to (e); (f).


(4) Knowledge of (c); Ability to (i); (j); perform routine typing; (k) file documents in alphabetical order, numerical order and chronological order.


(5) Knowledge of (a); (b); (c); Ability to (d); (e); (f)


(6) Any other task that may be assigned.